Fish Pestilence in the Neretva River due to Sewage from the Uborak Landfill


A large fish pestilence was spotted yesterday morning in Vrapcici, north of Mostar, and was caused by sewage water spilling from the Uborak landfill.

‘’We have just got information from our association members that there has been fish pestilence on the lake Vrapcici. Large quantities have died. The cause of it is most certainly the stream Susica that goes by the landfill and has been active these days. I am asking you to react before all evidence is removed, as it was the case so far,’’ said Omer Hujdur for media, the president of the ‘’Jer me se tice’’ Initiative, which has been warning to the situation at the Uborak landfill near Mostar for months.

Susica is a stream that flows through the place Vrapcici, right next to the Uborak landfill, whose operations for the last ten years have been a serious problem for the life and health of citizens in the northern suburbs of Mostar.

Sewage from Uborak and negative environmental impact have been noticed in recent months, and remediation of this problem was part of the agreement between citizens and authorities after the landfill was blocked in June this year.

Citizens of Mostar protested outside the landfill on Thursday, particularly disappointed with information that the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism could issue a new environmental license to this landfill. Citizens announced new blockages, Klix.ba portal reports.

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