First Wedding took place in Trebevic Cable Car Gondola

April 20, 2018 6:30 PM

After it was reopened, Trebevic’s cable car has proved again that it is a place where love is born and spread.

After Jasmina Drinjakovic, a Sarajevan, said “Yes!” to her future husband Almir Bihorac, who proposed her in one of the Trebevic cable car gondolas, love definitely continues to exist there.

The first wedding in the gondola of Sarajevo symbol happened as well.

“Sarajevo is loved by everyone, life is short for Sarajevo!

On April 6, 26 years later, the Trebevic cable car started operating again. Another symbol is returned to the citizens of the city on Miljacka River. Sarajevo is waking up and growing, and this city is writing a history on this fateful date once again. It stands proudly and with defiance. Today is a day when the feelings of pride, happiness, sadness and pain are coming all together… Today is the Day of Sarajevo, a city that is a symbol of love and happiness, but also the resistance to all the fascists who, sooner or later, “broke their teeth” on its gates.

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