First Restaurant for People in Need opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The “Goodwill” restaurant was opened in the city of Travnik for people in need, the Association “Pomozi.ba” stated in the press release on Monday.

This is the first restaurant of this type of restaurant where people will be able to get a meal.

“This is the concept of public restaurant, where there is a  focus on the dignity of people. This is a public kitchen, but a kitchen in which there are no rows, a kitchen in which there are no white cans, cans that are so reminiscent of war.”

“This is a kitchen where people will feel better – at least we hope they will.”

Customers will take a meal, sit down and feel like they do at every other restaurant.

The restaurant is located where the “Seher” restaurant was until recently, and the owners, the Fulurija family, have decided to close the restaurant so that we can start this humane mission together, was stated from Pomozi.ba.

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