The first protected BH Brand to get on the Market in Germany and all across the Europe?

Plums from BiH will become the first protected BH brand in Germany and the market of the EU, and it will also have its own recognizable logo. This idea came from buyers of our plums in Germany, and the fact that we exported up to 15 tracks of plums every day during the harvest season this year speaks enough about the great potential that plum cultivation has in our country.

Seven companies, which are engaged in the export of plums and that are covering more than 90 % of total export of this product, started the realization of this idea. Companies from both entities and Brcko District established the Marketing Association of BH Plum.

Our plum as a brand will be registered at the Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law in Munich, and the process will be started with the support of GIZ (German Development Agency).

“Marketing Association of BH plum will keep the register and control the quality of products that will be placed at the market of the EU,” said Selimovic.

Our most important market is Germany, and we export a total of 62 % of our plums there. This year, a total of 7,600 tons were exported, which is 1,400 trucks. This means that we had 15 tracks of fresh plums exported on a daily basis in July, August, and September.

“We will have branded BH plum on the European market until the next export season,” concluded Suad Selimovic.


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