The first Mom’s Day to be held in Sarajevo

July 19, 2017 8:30 AM

A unique educational and entertainment event “Mom’s Day” will be held in Sarajevo on the Yellow Fortress on Saturday, July 29, 2017, within the Youth Film Festival. In the organization of BioSave, the leading bank of stem cells in the region, this event is specially organized for future moms, as well as all those who want to be better informed about all the important things for a great event in every life – parenting, with a special emphasis on motherhood.

The Mom’s Day includes a series of practical and interactive workshops that will be led by qualified experts who will provide answers to topics that are very important and about which we can still learn a lot.

“Practical workshops for future parents who are interested in a healthy life and ensuring the best conditions and the best opportunities for their children, are designed as a place where everyone can find professional, accurate and practical information on the most demanding segment of life: how to be a better parent,” said Vanja Mihajlovic, manager for the development of Bio Save in BiH.

“We were thinking about how and in which way to contribute to this educational part of the workshop, and we decided for this day, which will be educational, to be fun as well. That is why we dedicated this day to mothers, those younger and older ones, as well as those who are just planning to be mothers in the future. We wanted to gather all those who have the knowledge and experience and want to share it with those who are looking for information and to give them an answer to many questions that they might have,” said the director of the agency, Zinaida Ilaria.



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