First Mass Sterilization in the Balkans Finished

Stray_dogsDogs Trust BiH finished its campaign for the first mass free sterilization of dogs in the Balkans.

On this occasion, Dogs Trust BiH will organize a ceremony to mark the end of the biggest sterilization of dogs, including stray dogs, on the Balkans on today in the courtyard of the Veterinary Faculty in Sarajevo.

During the ceremony, detailed results of the campaign will be presented, and awards to dogs from a competition for the happiest and healthiest dog.

There will be addresses by Anela Bećirević, the Manager of Dogs Trust project on behalf of the organizers, Mayor of East Sarajevo Ljubiša Ćosić on behalf of the beneficiaries of the project and Dean of the Veterinary Faculty Nihad Fejzić on behalf of the participants to the project.

(Source: klix.ba)

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