The first Guide through Sarajevo’s Gastronomic Offer – Sarajevo Food Dictionary

In the beautiful ambient of the Coloseum Club, in the presence of many journalists, caterers, guests and friends of the project, a unique, completely independent and the most complete guide, the Sarajevo Food Dictionary (SFD), is provided on Wednesday. SFD is the first and only culinary guide through diverse and rich gastronomic offer of Sarajevo, intended for tourists as well as Sarajevo citizens.

“The idea for this project was born quite accidentally and I am happy that today’s promotion has been realized. For over six months, we worked completely independently, and with the help of top gastronomic experts, we visited the catering facilities from Bascarsija to Ilidza and evaluated the offer of the Sarajevo restaurants.

The guide is written in four laguages, printed at 80 pages in the first volume of ten thousand copies, and all the information in it is available in English, Arabic, Turkish, and Bosnian language.

Along with plenty of other information, the main part of the SFD is Gastro Alphabet, or 85 alphabetically listed dishes, mostly traditional, brief description of each dish and top 3 places in Sarajevo where it is possible to try this particular dish. I am sure that SFD will soon be an indispensable guide for all visitors of our city, but also for our fellow citizens, “ said Medina Dedajic, SFD Director and Creator.

As of today, at 50 attractive places in the city, more precisely in the best hotels, hostels, restaurants and cafes, including hotels at the Jahorina and Bjelasnica Olympic Mountains and catering facilities in Trebevic, everyone can take their free copy of the SFD. A complete list of distribution places is available on their website



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