The first Construction for a Firefighting Vehicle built in Zivinice

February 7, 2018 1:15 PM

These days, works on creating the first complete construction for a firefighting vehicle were completed in Zivinice.

It is a facility that was started by Suad Beslic in cooperation with the German company “Lentner GmbH” last year, and a total of 30 people work in it now.

“Our goal was to produce only parts for these vehicles at the beginning, and we made the first complete construction for a fire truck a year before the deadline. Now we need to take it to Germany, set up on a specific basis and install all the necessary equipment,” stated Beslic.

He added that he is more than happy for this success.

“Engineers from Germany helped us a lot, and they came to follow all of this. We managed to achieve world quality in BiH. We were planning to make 113 vehicles of this kind during a year. We will employ another 20 employees next month. We will train them to work at the highest level,” noted Beslic.

Their plan of employment will not stop at those additional 20 workers. Beslic is planning to employ another 200 workers. But, much larger production halls are needed for that. They received offers for the construction of the hall by Zivinice, Kalesija, Vogosca…

Even the Serbian FAP expressed desire for Beslic to start production in their facilities. It is obvious that many people have recognized the “capital” man in Beslic, who will bring new employment and new investments.





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