First BiH produced Rifle got a NATO Code

September 5, 2017 3:45 PM

The first BiH rifle, produced by the company AC Unity from Gorazde, successfully passed all the tests in Norway and officially got a NATO code, according to the Dnevni avaz.

With a NATO code, the first BiH rifle, as well as a piston, can now be exported to foreign markets without any problems. Unofficially, there’s a long list of European, African and Asian countries which want weapons from BiH. Million dollar contracts have been negotiated.

The prototype of the first BiH rifle was made about half a year ago in six different models. It is called AC Alfa SMG 6 and had optical sights. Many parts of the rifle are compatible with the modern NATO rifles M16 and M4, which was proven by the tests in Norway.

There are also rifles AC Alfa SMG1, AC Alfa SMG2, as well as the rifle AC DL 44 A1, which is used for crowd control.



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