Financial Losses of Sarajevo International Airport amount to more than Five Million BAM

The financial losses of Sarajevo International Airport in the first five months of this year amounted to more than 5 million BAM, it was stated from the management of this airport.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sarajevo Airport recorded a significant decline in air operations and the number of passengers, so it is estimated that the decline in passenger traffic could be 55 percent compared to the plan for this year, and revenues could fall by 54 percent, Nezavisne Novine reports.

The number of passengers in April and May was 259 and 198, and these were mostly citizens who were abroad during the pandemic, while 89,843 passengers passed through the airport in April last year, and 79,808 passengers in May.

In June, when the Airport started operating again, there were only 343 passengers, while last year in the same month there were 119,205 passengers, reports the Klix portal.

For repairing the damage caused by the coronavirus, the Airport received 700,000 BAM from the Government of the Federation of BiH, which the company said would be used to cover business losses, as well as incentive measures for airlines and ongoing works on upgrading the Terminal.

“In order to maintain the business economically, the airport applies savings, primarily on the rationalization of procurement costs and investments, but also savings on all other costs,” is stated from the company.

To recall, Sarajevo International Airport was closed to commercial traffic from March 30th to June 1st.

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