Finally: Zoran Tegeltija appointed as Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at an extraordinary session held on Tuesday in Sarajevo, decided to appoint Zoran Tegeltija as chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the same session, BiHs Presidency decided to submit the document Reform Program of Bosnia and Herzegovina to NATO Headquarters in Brussels, within one day after the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly confirmed the appointment of the Chairman and Ministers of the BiH Council of Ministers.

BiH Presidency held a meeting with the ambassadors of the Quinta countries (United States, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Federal Republic of Germany) and the Head of the EU Delegation to BiH.

Last week the SNSD submitted the names of members for the formation of commissions, which blocked the work of the BiH Parliament after almost a year since it was constituted, News Agency Patria reports.

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