Fifty Mine Action Professionals gathered in Sarajevo


On 28-30 January 2020, EUFOR representatives from the Joint Military Affairs (JMA) Countermines Team attended a three-day workshop, jointly organised by Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre (BHMAC) and Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), as an integral part of the Project “Country Assessment of Mine Suspected Areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

The workshop was attended by the Head of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Nikolina Hajder, and over 50 mine action professionals, diplomatic representatives and members of the EU delegation in BiH, UNDP, the Armed Forces of BiH, Civil Protection Administrations and EUFOR. The workshop covered the topics: “Definition of Productivity Indicators and Resources Needed for the Implementation of the Land Release in BiH”; and “Development of Mid-Term Land Release Action Plan”.

Speaking at a press conference, Chief JMA, Colonel Johann Jamnig, said:

“With the full support of EUFOR all project partners, namely BHMAC, Norwegian Peoples Aid and Armed Forces BiH, have managed to conduct the Country Assessment of Mine Suspected Areas in BiH in a very professional manner.” He continued: “The new Mine Action Strategy is based on the new Land Release process. For it to work, this is the only option and the way forward. We must trust in the new process.”


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