Fifteen Persons under Supervision because of Possible Coronavirus in Canton Sarajevo

February 29, 2020 11:15 AM


Canton Sarajevo Ministry of Health Crisis Staff has taken all steps to monitor and prepare everyone in the health care for the occurrence of coronaviruses, all in accordance with the instructions of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina Crisis Staff and according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, Health Minister of Canton Sarajevo Amela Sofic said at a press conference, Avaz news portal reports.

Aida Pilav, director of the Canton Sarajevo Department of Public Health, which also heads the Crisis Staff, said that today’s address to the public was initiated by information from the World Health Organization in Geneva that the coronavirus was recorded on multiple continents, which means, by definition, that the process will virus spread is probably very quickly defined as a pandemic.

“The confirmation of coronavirus cases in Croatia and Northern Macedonia means that the virus is in circulation and is expected to emerge in BiH as a confirmed case. Today, not only persons who have resided in China, Iran or Italy are treated as potential hazards, but also those who have resided in every area where local transmission of the virus have been proven,” said Pilav. From January 31st to February 27th this year, the total number of persons, based on completed sanitary questionnaires arriving and staying in Sarajevo Canton, is 34.

“During this period, 29 persons were under medical supervision, and currently 15 persons are under the supervision of Canton Sarajevo. There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in BiH. We are pleased that, according to the established algorithm, testing of tourists from China who were negative for coronavirus was performed,” it was stated during press conference.

 As the epidemiological situation changes in the region, algorithms of treatment will change in our country as well, emphasized Pilav. The Government of the Federation has confirmed that there are sufficient isolation spaces for potential patients in the three clinical centers as well as the means to procure protective equipment.

Also, it was pointed out today that BiH received a total of 500 coronavirus tests from the World Health Organization. Anyone suspected of having a coronavirus should report to an on-call epidemiologist, explain their concerns, after which an on-call team will arrive and determine if further testing is needed.

Such a person is transferred to the Clinic Center isolatorium for further medical treatment. A fully independent center with a laboratory and an X-ray for these purposes has been established at the Clinical Center on Friday.




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