FIFA and UEFA Delegation met with Representatives of Bosnian Football Federation


A meeting of FIFA representatives (Maria Sofia Malizia Oursi) and UEFA (Jacques Bondallaz) was held today in Sarajevo with the Football Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s representatives, general secretary Adnan Džemidžić, member of the FF BH Legal Committee Enes Hasić and Football Association of Republika Srpska (RS) Regulatory Commission Igor Ostojić.

Many issues related to the work of the FF BH were discussed, with particular emphasis on the steps taken to conduct the scheduling and holding of elections at all organizational levels. It is concluded that both football associations would continue to monitor the FF BH work activities in all segments of its work, and would also be a strong support in future projects. In the forthcoming period, it is necessary to make quality preparations for holding elections at all organizational levels operating within the FF BH, and according to the previously determined timetable for holding sessions of assemblies of all levels of organization. It is necessary to take all steps to ensure transparent monitoring and democratic conduct of electoral processes.

At the end of the visit, Maria Sofia Malizia Oursi and Jacques Bondallaz expressed their undisputed satisfaction with the visit to the FF BH headquarters, praising the work of the Federation as a whole, with an emphasis on very professional cooperation with umbrella associations.


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