Festival of Kebabs in Vienna gathered 30,000 Visitors instead of 5,000

May 31, 2017 9:15 AM

kebab festivalIt happens all the time that more guests than previously announced come to various events around the world, which can cause great difficulties for the host. This was also the case at the Festival of cevapcici (kebabs) in the Danube Park in Vienna that gathered 30,000 visitors who wanted to try this local specialty, instead of 5,000 people, as it was previously announced.

Some of the visitors waited to get their portion of kebabs or stew in the sun for hours… While some of them enjoyed in the crowd and praised the festival, others expressed their anger on social networks.

Surprised organizers of the festival, Volxfest group, praised this year’s progress of the festival and sent an apology to their visitors.

“We have managed to feed about 20,000 people with kebabs, and those 5,000 who had previously announced their arrival barely got their portions. A lot of visitors did not want to try kebabs, stew and other offers at the festival, and they expressed their anger on Facebook,” said Ai Saeidi, a member of the Volxfest group.

Organizers noted that they are hoping to better plan the festival next year and provide the greater number of kebabs.

(Source: klix.ba)



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