Federation of BiH introduces Decision on Curfew

Wilson’s Promenade Sarajevo by Milan Suvajac

The Federal Crisis Staff has announced new measures, and one of them is the limited movement of the population, ie the curfew that will be in force from 23:00 to 5:00. The decision takes effect tomorrow.

Also, the new decision is to limit the gatherings of citizens to a maximum of 30 people, both inside and outside, Klix.ba reports.

During the curfew, the ban on movement applies to the entire territory of the Federation of BiH.

As in March and April, those who perform night shifts (with a valid employer’s certificate), as well as public servants working on the implementation of measures or other jobs that this order frees from restricted movement, will be exempted from the decision.

The Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health has decided on more restrictive measures due to the worsening of the epidemiological situation, ie the increase in the spread of coronavirus infection, non-compliance with previous measures and increasingly filled hospital capacities.

The authorities will review the measures every seven days and mitigate or tighten them according to the epidemiological situation.

This decision was made with the aim of preventing irresponsible caterers, but also citizens, who previously did not respect the measures of the facilities until 23:00, which contributed to the spread of the infection.

In addition to this order, the FBiH Crisis Staff issued a decision on a limited number of persons indoors and outdoors. Thus, a maximum of 30 people will be allowed to gather inside and outside.

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