Federal Institute of Public Health to purchase 800,000 Doses of COVAX Vaccine

After adopting the information on pre-registration for the procurement of vaccines against COVID-19 for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the COVAX mechanism, the FBiH Government has committed to procure this vaccine for 40 percent of the most vulnerable population of FBiH so that, according to the FBiH Institute of Public Health 800,000 doses of vaccine.

The Government will provide a total of 13,200,000 BAM from the FBiH Budget for these purposes, of which until September 15, 2020, a total of 15 percent of the total amount, ie 1,980,000 BAM.

The Federal Ministry of Finance will prepare a Decision on the allocation of funds from the Current Reserve of the FBiH Budget for 2020 for the next session of the FBiH Government.

The Federal Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the FBiH Public Health Institute, will propose to the FBiH Government the appointment of a team to carry out activities related to the procurement of vaccines against COVID-19 within the COVAX mechanism.

The government also supports vaccine procurement activities through another mechanism – the European Vaccination Plan against COVID-19, which aims to ensure coordinated action at European level to protect public health by ensuring optimal management of COVID-19 vaccination in Europe.

The Federal Ministry is in charge of signing an agreement on the procurement of vaccines with the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs by the end of this month.

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