Federal Government to delay Dividend Collection from the Sarajevo Airport

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Government has passed a Decision to delay dividend collection from the public enterprise Sarajevo International Airport for a period of ten years.

The Government of FBiH, in exercising the authority of the Assembly of the enterprise Sarajevo International Airport, will not make decisions on the distribution of profits for the payment of dividends or profit-sharing, from undistributed (accumulated) profit reported in the business books on December 31, 2020, or from the profit realized for a period of ten years after the adoption of this decision.

The proceeds will be used to finance investments determined by the business plans of the Sarajevo International Airport.

The decision was made after the Sarajevo International Airport was forced to stop a significant number of investment projects necessary to provide the missing airport infrastructure capacity, as well as to reconstruct the existing ones, due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Today’s decision is important for the fulfillment of valid international and local legal regulations and standards in air navigation, which will, in the long run, provide safe conditions for a larger number of planes, passengers, luggage, mail and cargo and thus increase operating revenues, said the press service of the FBiH Government.

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