Federal Government gives Financial Assistance to 391 Export Industrial Companies

The Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry has published on Sunday on its website a list of beneficiaries with the amounts of financial assistance to export companies from the industrial sector.

As stated in the statement of the Government of Federation of BiH, the assistance will be given to a total of 391 export industrial companies and entrepreneurs with a total of 32,429 employees.

“At the session held on December 3, the Government of the Federation of BiH passed five decisions on the selection of beneficiaries for the distribution of 30 million BAM of direct aid for export-oriented companies in FBiH. Decisions were made based on the Regulation on Intervention Measures to Support Vulnerable Sectors of the Economy in the Conditions of a Pandemic. For the implementation of the Decree, the Federal Government has provided funds in the total amount of 90 million BAM in this year’s Budget of FBiH,” it was announced.

The general objective of this measure is to provide liquidity support to the most vulnerable sectors, to preserve jobs, and to provide urgently needed support and maintain competitiveness in export-oriented sectors.

In the field of industry, subsidies from the FBiH Government in the amount of 30 million BAM cover five branches of industry.

Grant agreements with beneficiaries will be signed in the coming days.

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