Federal Government allocates 30 Million BAM for Tourism

Today, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, based on the Decree on Intervention Measures to Assist Vulnerable Sectors of the FBiH Economy in the Circumstances of the COVID-19 Pandemic, made a decision to allocate funds of assistance to business entities in the field of tourism and catering in the amount of 30,000,000 convertible marks.

By the decision on the allocation of funds, the Government of the Federation of BiH granted assistance in the tourism and catering sector of 30,000,000 BAM for a total of 340 economic entities.

Out of that amount, 19,503,038 BAM is intended for 192 hotels and other accommodation capacities, and 6,601,352 BAM for 98 travel agencies.

Assistance for 21 tour operators amounts to a total of 2,583,815 BAM, and for six companies that provide tourist guide services 22,340 BAM.

The amount of 205,181 BAM is intended for 18 beneficiaries of financial assistance who were registered after June 30, 2019, while a total of 1,084,274 BAM was allocated to six spas and health resorts. The Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism will sign contracts with all users and continuously monitor the spending of funds, the Press Office of the FBiH Government announced.

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