FBiH indebts for an additional 20 Million BAM?

The Federal Ministry of Finance on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange today offered to sell 2.000 treasury bills of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) with a nominal value of 10.000 BAM per one treasury bill, with a maturity of six months.

Treasury bills need to be paid until June 13th 2018.

The total amount of bids received is 79.500.000 BAM, and the total amount of bids accepted is 20.000.000 BAM.

The highest accepted price was 99.9816 with an interest rate of 0.04%, while the lowest accepted price was 99.9726 with an interest rate of 0.05%.

The weighted average accepted price was 99.9775 with an interest rate of 0.045%.

“The total amount of funds collected amounts to 19.995.507,50 BAM, “ the Federal Ministry of Finance said.



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