Father Kasim has only one Wish – His Son to finish his School

The life of eleven-years-old Ermin drastically changed a year ago, when the Center for the Development of Inclusive Practices (CDIP) was opened in Cazin.

A boy who was born with combined difficulties in movement and speech got the incentive for inclusion in the regular education system through the work of this center. This encouraged the members of Ermin’s family to give him all the support that he needs, in order to get a diploma of the finished school one day.

“When it was time to enroll the first grade, Ermin was sent on the examinations to the doctor, the psychologist, and the speech therapist, and he was sent to the special school, i.e. a special department at elementary school Cazin II. They abolished that department last year, and Ermin was sent to regular education, and now he is going at the session with speech therapist and psychologist at CDIP twice a week,” said his father Kasim Skrgic.

Ermin has five more brothers and sisters, and they are living in a family house in the village Catici near Pecigrad, the Municipality of Cazin.

Last year, Ermin made a huge progress. Children with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to get a great support service in CRIP, whose aim is better integration of this children into regular education.

“He has some difficulties with speech, it is difficult for him in school as well, especially with some words that are harder to pronounce,” he said. “It’s the same with writing, but those visits help him a lot, you can really see it on a child.”

Devoted father Kasim is not losing hope:

“I am doing everything in order for him to finish the elementary school at least, and we will see. I am hoping that we will achieve something. If there is progress, we will try to get him to the high school as well. Maybe there will be some profession for him to qualify.”

Inclusion asks for a lot of perseverance, goodwill, the support of family, peers, and the entire community, but it also gives results that are important not only to those individuals but to the entire society.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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