Fashion Bloggers Amra and Elma: Paris Hilton was the first to acknowledge our Work

March 7, 2016 11:45 AM

12804375_1120963544621267_294731077_nAmra and Elma Beganović, two sisters originating from Sarajevo, left their jobs as an economist and a lawyer and embarked on a new career – in fashion. “Amra&Elma” is the signature on the garments they design themselves.

They simply wanted to share their beauty secrets with women. They grew up across the world, in Finland, France, Belgium, England, Spain and Germany. Now they live in the center of fashion events – New York.

It was not difficult to leave their jobs, and their webpage (now a blog) was created by accident.

“We started writing on a webpage at the instigation of one friend from Sweden who also originates from BiH. Three months later, we already had 150.000 unique views on the page. The first client who contacted us and wanted us to do the promotion of her bags was Paris Hilton. In the beginning, we had no intention of turning that into a business. However, different brands started contacting us and our business started growing. We currently have two million followers of social networks,” Amra said, adding:

“The world of fashion is fed up with popular and everyday celebrities – they need young, unseen faces who will present their things, which will eventually yield positive results on both sides. What we have actually been doing in New York for two years now is a relatively new direction. Trough creations and presentation of clothes on new, young faces, we promote popular and world-famous brands. This phenomenon is spreading throughout the world now and girls who do that have more followers than already popular celebrities. I, for example, have more followers than Catherine Zeta Jones, which is kind of awkward”.

The sisters feel a strong connection with their hometown and they come to Sarajevo whenever they have time.

“We are especially proud that we managed to open our office in Sarajevo, where we employed experts who help us implement our vision. We still give a chance to young and ambitious people to develop themselves in the world of digital marketing and technology. Everyone can send their CV to, and we will call those who we find to be interesting,” these young, successful Bosnians said.

Amra and Elma say that women of Sarajevo are above-average beautiful in comparison with the rest of the world and that they are very natural.

Amra and Elma’s blog brings authentic lifestyle tips that will give power and incentive to all women to feel good at any time. Their aim is to inspire women to be the best version of themselves, even at days when they do not feel creative or satisfied.


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