Fascinating BH Artist carved Sculpture of Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi on the Top of the Pen

January 5, 2017 8:00 AM

aylan-kurdi graphiteTireless Jasenko Djordjevic, an artist from Tuzla who makes miniature sculptures on the tips of pencils, never fails to inspire. Among his most recent works is the Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi who drowned while his family fled from the war-torn country.

Thirty three year old artist from Tuzla whose works speak more than a thousand words, again this time wanted to draw attention to social problems with art because, as he said, “a pen is more powerful than the sword.”

“A year ago, the three-year old boy Aylan Kurdi drowned in the Aegean Sea. While fleeing from the war torn Syria with his family, Aylan died in the final part of the hard journey towards European security when overloaded boat turned over. On that day, Aylan’s mother and five-year old brother died as well,” wrote Jasenko when he published a photograph of his work.

Miniatures attracted him from an early age, and he was honored at the 7th Biennial of Miniature Art of BiH in Tuzla. Numerous international newspapers wrote about him, and his work dedicated to little Aylan, as he told to the Daily Sabah, is currently exhibited in Norway, at the event dedicated to the protection of human rights.

Ha said that it happens that graphite breaks after a few hours or days of hard work, but it does not discourage him to sit back and do the job again.

“I will be creating sculptures as long as I can see, and I can tell you that I am making them without any kind of magnifying glass,” said Djordjevic.

You can follow his work on the website toldart.comFacebook and Instagram.

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