Farmers in Bosnia announced new Protests

Farmers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are counting down the days until January 20, when they have announced new protests if their demands are not met.

They ended the previous year with protests at the Raca and Gradiska border terminals and demanded the protection of domestic production, the introduction of levies, and the dismissal of BiH Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Minister Stasa Kosarac, BHRT writes.

Goran Simic, a farmer from Semberija, says that neither anything has happened since then, nor has anyone from the government contacted them.

“If no concrete measures are taken by January 20, we will then go out to protest and block the terminals, and probably the border crossings,” Simic said.

They also sent a request for a meeting with the Presidency of BiH, and so far they have not received a response.

As they announced, the protests will be extended to the entire territory of BiH, because the agricultural season should start and they are entering an uncertain year.

A pandemic is ongoing and they need the support of the ministry to be able to resume agricultural production.

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