Farmers to get Higher Selling Prices of Meat?

February 5, 2017 9:00 AM

meatThe decision of the EU to approve the truck transport of fresh meat from BiH to Turkey, across the EU countries, will have positive effects on the domestic exporters of meat. The main effect that they expect is higher sales price of BH meat.

The cost of transport of 44 tons of meat, which is the amount that was exported from BiH to Turkey last year by airport transportation, cost 45,000 EUR, while the price of one truck transport to Turkey would amount to around 4,500 EUR.

Nemanja Vasic, Vice President of FTC, says that for transport of 44,000 tons of meat needs two trucks and that the price of one truck for Turkey amounts to 4,500 EUR, which is ten times cheaper.

”This means that 1, 80 BAM would be released per kilogram, and Turkish company that imports would give part of the proceedings to retailers, or those from whom they purchase. We expect that the price of beef could be 5 BAM instead of 4.20 BAM, which would make our farmers very satisfied, and the Turkish company would have a half EUR per kilo only on account of this regulation ”, said Vasic.

This regulation will also have a positive impact on domestic transporters who will have the ability to get the job of meat transport.

Regarding airports, which have been involved in this work so far, they will definitely exit the business because that transport became too expensive after this decision.

When it comes to meat exports to Russia, it is not as cost effective as the one to Turkey, since it is more expensive due to the distance of that market, and we also have tariffs on these products.



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