Farewell Reception for ambassador Makarevic held

October 5, 2017 3:15 PM

 Islamabad’s dean of the diplomatic corps Bakhytbek Shabarbayev organized a farewell reception for former ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Nedim Makarevic, who has just completed his four-year term in that country.

Along with leading Pakistani politicians and high-ranking military officials, the heads of 12 UN offices and more than 60 ambassadors attending and expressing recognition of a colleague who just completed a four-year mandate in Pakistan.

Bakhytbek Shabarbayev, the dean of the diplomatic corps in Islamabad, emphasized that Ambassador Makarevic, as the youngest ambassador in Pakistan, left an extraordinary trail in his activities in many fields such as trade, education, culture, bilateral and multilateral cooperation. He emphasized Makarevic’s engagement in organizing the visit of prime minister of Pakistan to BiH in December last year, a remarkable contribution to improving cooperation in the sector of industry, expressing solidarity towards the victims of terrorism, exchanging professors and students, assisting in the realization of the construction of the hospital and building the school. He was an example of how a relatively small country through ambassadorial engagement is visible globally.

Ambassador Makarevic thanked colleagues, saying that BiH is a wonderful country full of opportunities, and invited them to visit BiH and enjoy in its beauty.

(Source: FENA.ba)


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