Famous DJ Solomun to perform in Sarajevo Tonight!

The closing of the 25th Sarajevo Film Festival will be marked in front of Eternal Fire by DJ Solomun organized by the Canton Sarajevo Tourist Board.

German Bosnian-born DJ Solomun will perform at two locations in Sarajevo – in front of Eternal Fire and at the Youth Center Skenderija.

After Solomun was born in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, he moved to Hamburg with his family, where he grew up. As a young boy, he worked for his father in construction. Eventually, he discovered that he really enjoyed filmmaking. He founded a small production company with a few friends, where they created short films together. He worked in film for about five years before discovering that music was his passion.

His cousin, who frequented nightclubs, brought him tapes whenever he came to town. These tapes showed Solomun that there is more to music than just commercial radio. From then on, he started purchasing vinyl records, and eventually playing at House of Youth at the age of 16 for other teenagers. After taking a break from music, he started producing and creating music at the age of 23.

For about one year before he began producing on his own, he learned from a good friend that ran a hip-hop label.

In 2005, Solomun began producing music, founding the record label, Diynamic in late 2005 with his partner Adriano Trolio, who manages the booking for Diynamic.

Solomun kicked off the Ibiza 2013 season by presiding over the Burn Studios Residency bootcamp.


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