Famous Bosnian Actress Nada Durevska died Three Years Ago


Nada Djurevska, one of the most famous actresses in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), passed away in Sarajevo on this day, three years ago.

She was born January 8th in Skopje, Macedonia.

During her long and successful career, she won many awards and will be remembered for her amazing play in Lost Son, Silver Fox, My Brother Alex, Hamlet and many BH soap operas.

With play “Visnjik” in 2004 in the National Theater Sarajevo, she marked 30 years of her artistic work and on that occasion was given a plaque of the City of Sarajevo.

Nada Djurevska won the April 6 Award of the City of Sarajevo in 2014, after which she announced she was retiring after 40 years of career.

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