Family Gerzic from Bosanska Krupa needs your Help

November 19, 2017 5:30 PM

Abdulah and Faika Gerzic with their four daughters from the place Tarla in Bosanska Krupa are just one of the many examples of poverty and destitution that are part of our daily surrounding, but Bosnian-Herzegovinian society does not care enough or does not care at all about them.

Gerzici live in a war-torn house whose roof leaks and creates dampness. The family is in an extremely poor housing condition, none of the family members works, and they have minimal social income.

Abdulah Gerzic has been sick for years now, and since last year, due to illness, he lost his leg. Daugther Ajlin, who has only 2.5 years, has recently been ill, and since it is a skin disease, they need funds to provide Ajlin regular medical treatment. The Gerzic family does not have these funds.

All of those who want to help the Gerzic family can do so by visiting their home in the place Tarla in Bosanska Krupa or by paying funds at the Transaction Account 1613000073052889 in the name of Abdulah Gerzic (Raiffeisen bank) and can contact them at the following phone numbers: 062/880 -498 and 064 / 440-9875.




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