Fahro Alihodžić wants to play for Bosnia and Herzegovina

November 27, 2012 8:24 AM

The great basketball player of the University of Alabama, Fahro Alihodžić opened another season with great success. It is no longer a secret that this successful basketball player could soon wear the jersey of the representation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is more evident because he refused the offer of Great Britain. Fahro Alihodžić is currently playing in the College League, and it is a great feeling to hear a patriotic voice from any corner of the world. The conversation with this great young man brings back the faith in better future for sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As Fahro says, there was no dilemma in his choice, because that was the decision that he made with his heart. And for him, it beats for only one country.

” My wish was always to play for Bosnia and Herzegovina and I hope that it will come true one day. I refused the offer of Great Britain when they invited me in the team for the Olympics, because I want to play for the country that has a special place in my heart, and that is Bosnia. Nobody has contacted me yet, but I believe and hope that something will happen soon and I will get the chance to fulfill my wish.”- said Alihodžić

The potential representative has started his season with great results. As a fifteen-year old boy, he started playing in England, Leicester, and afterwards he also spent time in Spain playing in the CBA Academy where he performed at numerous tournaments. ” I did have a lot of offers from Germany and France, but I refused because I wanted to proceed with my education. By the end of May 2013, I will finish with my studies and then I would love to be able to play for the best league in the world. I hope that it will be as I hope.” added Alihodžić.

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