Export of Meat from B&H Enormously increased: Export done by Airplane

June 30, 2015 6:30 PM

Meat Export body.baThe export of meat from B&H has increased significantly since the Turkish government passed the decision on the duty-free import of BH frozen meat. Thus, according to the data of the Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H, just in first four months of this year the export amounted to 14.005.253 BAM, while it amounted to a total of 20.130.195 BAM for the whole year 2014.

Enormous business

In the first quarter of this year, the most meat was exported to Turkey (10.650.314 BAM), and to Serbia (1.593.298 BAM) and Montenegro (959.550 BAM). In the same period, 63.657.768 BAM of meat and meat products were imported, mostly from the Netherlands (15.666.958 BAM), Poland (15.553.756 BAM), Germany (6.327.668 BAM) and Austria (5.666.694 BAM).

For the whole year 2014, the export to Turkey amounted to just 5.691.365 BAM, while Serbia was in the first place with 9.391.808 BAM. In this period, the meat in total worth of 227.050.261 BAM was imported, mostly from the Netherlands (51.997.834 BAM), Poland (43.037.845 BAM) and Germany (30.442.796 BAM).

As a reminder, the Turkish government has passed a decision on the duty-free import of 15.000 tons of frozen meat from B&H, which is treated as an aid to our country due to floods and a big step forward for the BH producers.

One example of a slaughterhouse that successfully exports to Turkey and has contracted business by the end of the year is the slaughterhouse Mesoprodukt from Bijeljina, hired by the Meat industry from Posušje. ‘’Currently, we export 3.400 tons of cooled beef meat to Turkey, for their commodity reserves. We started that business on May 1st, and it is to be completed by December 31st this year. At the moment we don’t export anywhere else because this is an enormous business, and there are some indications that we might continue exporting to this country next year as well’’, said the director of Mesoprodukt Branko Krstić.

After the goods are prepared for transport, the meat is transported to Turkey from the Banja Luka airport. Due to the impossibility of using other transport routes, the airplane transport, although a lot more expensive than transport by road or by sea, has proven to be the most efficient in this business.

(Source: ekapija.ba)

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