Experts optimistic about the Energy Future of BiH

September 24, 2017 7:00 PM

The 13th counselling session of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Committee of the International Council for Large Electrical Systems (BHK CIGRE) is taking place in Neum and has gathered about 500 scientists and experts from the country and abroad, many of whom are optimistic about the energy future of BiH.

This expert meeting, held from September 17th to 21st, offered insight into the current state of the electricity sector in BiH, pointed out the existing problems and suggested certain solutions and future directions of action. 158 papers were presented, as well as numerous presentations by world companies. The session was concluded with the meetings of 16 study committees.

Special attention was paid to the perspectives and use of coal, the development of new technologies, the electricity market, transmission networks and more. Also, new technical, ecological and economic prerequisites for the use of renewable energy sources have been presented, while emphasizing that electric power companies and investors must work more quickly in this field. Also considered was how much newly produced renewable energy the existing electricity system can absorb.

The study committee “Distribution systems and small power plants” aroused great interest, with 23 papers being dedicated, which is the most at this year’s session.

Guidelines for the future in the form of synthesis of BiH’s energy strategy were given by Edhem Bicakcic, the president of the BiH Integration Committee of CIGRE. According to him, the basic strategy should be the preservation of the export position of energy, to the extent that BiH is an importer of oil and natural gas.

During the session, a regular assembly of the BiH Committee of CIGRA was also held, and on that occasion a work plan was adopted for 2019. It was emphasized that this professional association greatly strengthened, reaffirmed and improved cooperation with national CIGRE committees and some companies in the region.



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