Expectations of BH Students, Citizens and Retirees in 2018

Domestic politicians did not achieve much this year to boast. There was no particular progress in any specific area. Young people are leaving the country in a search for better life. Those who are planning to stay and can see their future in BiH are rare.

Sead Delalic, the double golden badge of the University of Sarajevo, will remember the year of 2017 as very successful. At the moment, he is working on a new information system for the university and intelligent software solutions for the application of science in the industry. He is expecting a PhD in 2018, but he is not too optimistic about some changes in BH society.

Harun Hindija, the Mathematician Olympian and winner of numerous medals, said that he is ready to replace studying with real life and the fight for existence. He is currently in the bureau for employment and he is hoping to become an assistant at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Sarajevo.

“I hope that BiH will increase the investment in science in 2018 and following years, which is probably the lowest in Europe, and I hope that there will be some grants and that we, young people, will get the opportunity to show our knowledge,” stated Hindija.

When it comes to our citizens, they wish the following:

“To be a year older.”

“To be younger and more beautiful and we all should be more positive and I wish something good to happen.”

“Happiness, health, success, love.”

“Stagnation, nothing else, I see no progress, this is the status quo since the ’90s.”

“A lot of cash that this country will give us.”

With the wish for good health in the next year, retirees want quality medicines on the essential list, as well as the possibility of treatment on the entire territory of the FBiH. They are also hoping to achieve these desires without new protests.

(Source: N1)




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