When to expect end of Highway Vc building?

March 9, 2015 2:45 PM

new investments on highwayDirector of the Highways, Ensad Karic, earlier said that, if it keeps working like this end, the construction of highway in BiH should be done in the next five years, ie until the end of 2020. For the investment cycle from 2015 until 2018, 80 km of highway is planned to be built.

According to the planned schedule and already started operations in 2015, the works on the loop Medjugorje Pocitelj will start. Additionally, the construction of Zenica bypass started, the concessions for the construction of Žepče – Doboj Jug were given and the expropriation of land on section Tarcin – Konjic was done.

Shares from Počitelj to Medjugorje is 11 kilometers, and the estimated value is around 100 million euros. The works on this section will begin in June this year. The longest bridge on Corridor Vc, long 945 meters and a maximum height above the ground 100 meters, with monolithic columns and superstructure between columns of 147 meters will be built as well.

Shares Zenica south – Zenica north is nine kilometers in length, and value of construction is 140 million euros. Work on the first subsection began in October last year, while the work on the second subsection is epected to start in May this year. Construction of highways will also depend on the money that is available, currently accounting for about 480 million BAM for the construction.

So far they have built 102 kilometers of highway which is 35 percent of the total length of the highway on Corridor Vc.


(Source: focus.ba)


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