Even though that there are almost 10.000 Containers in Sarajevo, we are facing Garbage on the Streets

The Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo calls on all citizens to behave conscientiously and responsibly and to protect their environment. Throwing waste in unauthorized places and creating illegal landfills is uncivilized and inhumane behavior and, as such, presents the lack of upbringing and culture of individuals.

Although you are mostly used to beautiful photos and sceneries from Stari Grad, now we show you what it looks like when reckless citizens throw garbage wherever they want.

”As a local community, we often get the chance to receive calls from our citizens and photos from the field in which you warn us of large amounts of garbage in certain locations, ” as they say from the municipality.

”Respected citizens, ask yourself who throws that garbage and why do you allow such uncivilized behavior in your streets and neighborhoods? It is your civic duty to report such perpetrators, in case you know them, and report them to the police and demand that they are sanctioned. Only in this way will we learn to behave responsibly and protect our environment. Waste on private plots is not supposed to be removed by anyone other than the owner of that plot and you have to know it. So, the one who throws the garbage and the one who allows it on his plot is responsible. ”

The issue of large amounts of waste was detected at the following locations: near Vratnicka kapija, Mihrivode, Barice, Mocila, Bentbasa dam, Borije, Nevjestina street, Gornje Cebedzije, Nalina, etc. At the same time, complaints were received via official email addresses and social networks.

”Our employees of the Department for the Maintenance of the Ambassadors Alley, road surfaces, and public areas are working intensively in the field these days to clean public areas from a bunch of waste, although this is the responsibility of the Cantonal Public Utility Company “Rad” which, by law, performs the collection, transport, and landfilling of communal waste in the Canton Sarajevo (CS). According to the data available on their website for waste disposal, 9.928 containers, 32 underground containers, 54 above-ground sections (so-called bells), as well as cans for two-line waste in CS. Waste is landfilled at the Regional Center for Waste Management (in Bosnian: RCUO) Smiljevici and citizens can bring different types of waste to their recycling yard in Smiljevici. ”

There is no excuse for dumping waste in illegal places and polluting our municipality, they said.

”The streets and neighborhoods of Stari Grad should serve us with pride and we should preserve them for the future generations. It is our duty and obligation to be an example to our children and to show them how to love and protect our municipality. Therefore, we once again call on you to behave responsibly and report all perpetrators of such uncultured and uncivilized acts. ”, BHRT writes.


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