Even in January, Neum stands for an Attractive Destination for Relaxation and Swimming

Even in January, Neum stands for an attractive destination for rest and relaxation, and swimming in the sea, whose temperature is about ten degrees higher than the temperature of air. This is why some people cannot resist it even in this month.

Besides the sea, which is always beautiful for photography, there are also interesting narrow cobbled streets and natural sights, as well as the cultural heritage of the city.

Deputy Director of the Tourist Board of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNC), Semir Temim, recalls that Neum, the only city on the sea in BiH, despite the situation caused by the coronavirus somehow managed to save last year’s season unlike many other cities and believes that this year there will be even more tourists in Neum.

During that time, as he states, Neum promoted itself the best, and the Tourist Board, despite everything, worked continuously on the promotion of Neum, as well as other cities in the HNC.

“Various fairs of importance for tourism have been postponed, but we follow the development and trends, so we are doing a very significant promotion of our tourist destinations on the Internet,” Temim emphasizes.

I believe that the situation will soon improve and that it will not be the same like last year, even though many European countries are still closed and nothing concrete can be planned when it comes to travel.

“But despite that, Neum will certainly be visited this year as well, because we saw that it was crowded last year as well. Besides the guests from all over BiH, visitors from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro came here and I have no doubt that Neum will be a choice for many this year as well, ” Temim says.

He points out that he hopes that the vaccination, which has started, will in some way help to start travel, because, as he emphasizes, without travel, one cannot count on starting tourism.

“Neum has had a good pre-season, season and post-season in the last few years and I hope that this year there will also be many guests before the official start of the season. We are working hard on promotion because we definitely have something to offer and we want the tourist season in our canton to last during the whole year, as it was planned, ” concluded Temim in an interview for

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