The Evangelistic Church in Germany gave Place for teaching Religion to Bosniaks

Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and non-Muslims in the German town of Mettmann send a clear message to the world, and it is that coexistence, cooperation and mutual help is possible everywhere. Only understanding and respect are needed. Their friendship lasts for years, and one of the examples is the decision of the Evangelistic Church to allow the use of their rooms for Muslim children, so they could attend religious lectures.

The idea was born because the Bosniak children in this town did not have a place for religious education.

“I think this is a real example to be seen by those who are at higher level, that the coexistence and cooperation of Muslims and non-Muslims is possible at a high level. We are pleased to have a chance to cooperate with the Evangelistic and Catholic Church in Germany,” said Muamer ef. Mujaric for ‘Deutsche Welle’.

The Bosniaks who came to Mettmann as refugees, escaping from the war in BiH, are now integrated citizens and are grateful to the Germans for their hospitality.

“We have a wish to live together with other religions. There are other religions but Islam in this world. We live in a country that has welcomed both Muslims and Catholics, Evangelists, Jews and other religions, “ said Muhamed Djogo.

For Evangelists in Mettmann, coexistence is implied.

“We want to start at a lower level and together show that it is important to move it to a higher level,” said priest Karsten Thies.


(Source: Klix.ba)


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