European Union remains closed to Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The ambassadors of the European Union member states have decided not to change the existing list of 11 countries that are allowed to enter the EU, it was confirmed to Tanjug in Brussels.

At the first meeting after the summer break, the permanent representatives of the member states discussed the information on the epidemiological situation and concluded that for now there is no reason to change or shorten or expand the existing list of third countries allowed free entry into the EU.

The list of non-EU countries whose citizens are allowed to travel includes: Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and China, which is a conditional principal of reciprocity, news portal reports.

It should be reminded that the ambassadors of the EU member states decided at the end of July not to return Serbia to the list of countries that are allowed to travel to the EU on the basis of a “better or similar epidemiological situation”.

Neither BiH nor any country from the Western Balkans was on that list. A new revision of the epidemiological data and the list of third countries will follow in two weeks.

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