EUFOR Members want to check the Donation by Serbian President to Schools in Mrkonjic Grad


EUFOR members made a phone call on Thursday to the director of Mrkonjic Grad High School, requesting to inspect the equipment donated by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, to the High School in this city, Srna news agency reports.

Mrkonjic Grad High School Principal Zoran Bjelac said he had received a phone call from the Banja Luka EUFOR Office and had asked if they could visit the High School to inquire about the donation of the President of Serbia to these schools.

“I replied that such a visit would not be possible without the approval of the ministry and that is where our conversation ended,” Bjeljac told ATV.

Republika Srpska Education and Culture Minister Natalija Trivic said the ministry had received information from the high school director from Mrkonjic Grad regarding the announcement by EUFOR members that they would like to come to the school to check and inspect equipment donated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

“With regard to all legal and other regulations governing work, no one may enter schools without special authorization and without a request. Given that no request has been received by the Republika Srpska Ministry of Education and Culture, we are unable to approve any entry of EUFOR members into the premises of the Grammar School in Mrkonjic Grad, ” Trivic said.

These are two donations – one that arrived yesterday, computer equipment and books, and the other is a donation of 600,000 BAM, which is yet to come.


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