EUFOR International Medal Parade held in Butmir Camp

June 22, 2019 1:30 PM

An International Medal Parade for 144 troops was held on Friday 21 June at Camp Butmir. EUFOR’s Chief of Staff, Brigadier General László Szabó presided over the event.

Delivering an address at the start of the event Brigadier General Szabó said

“Each one of you on parade today represents your country’s contribution to EUFOR’s unity of effort and also your personal commitment and your family’s sacrifice and support.” He added “Thank you for being the perfect personification of ‘One Team – One Mission’.”

After his address Brigadier General Szabó presented medals to the troops, helped by Colonel Ali Tanis, Colonel Milen Hristov and Colonel Johann Jamnig.

Among those receiving their medals was 1st Lieutenant Giopp from the Swiss Army, he said:

“I have been here now for 2 months and 7 days; normally I am based in a single nation LOT house so it is nice to see the international group here today.” He added, “When the EU anthem played after we had all received our medals, it gave me shivers.”

Captain Vincenzo Migliaccio, who has completed five months of his six-month tour and was the only Italian at the medal parade, said “I am proud to receive the medal at the end of my tour.” He adds it to the UN and NATO medals he already holds.

After the ceremony, those who had received their Operation Althea medal were invited for a buffet lunch with the Chief of Staff.

The Operation Althea medal was first presented in 2004 and is a version of the Common Security and Defence Policy Service Medal. It is inscribed with the Latin phrase “Pro pace unum”, which translates as “United for peace”.


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