EUFOR Donates School Supplies worth 19,000 Euros to Schools across Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Senior National Representative from Turkey, working at EUFOR Head Quarters, Colonel Selim Gökçegöz, has been busy traveling around schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Funding donated by Turkey has been used to renovate and improve the learning experience for elementary schools particularly in the area of computer systems.

Teaming up with the Turkish contingent from one of EUFOR’s 17 LOT Houses to see how the donation has been spent, Colonel Gökçegöz said:

“The money has been used to buy furniture, printers and computers totaling nearly 19k Euros and we can see it will make a significant difference to the children.

The schools in Zenica and Živinice welcomed Turkey’s donation and are always pleased to see the EUFOR teams from the LOT Houses.


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