EUFOR conducted Training with BiH’s Armed Forces who are preparing for their Deployment to Afghanistan

May 1, 2019 8:00 AM

On the request of Military Police of Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, paid to COM EUFOR, International Military Police Detachment conducted training for members of Military Police of AF BiH who are preparing for their deployment to Afghanistan.

The exercises took place in Camp BUTMIR from 23 to 25 April 2019. Fourteen members of Military Police of AF BiH have participated in the training:

1. MP’s procedures and duties during Traffic Control, Speed Checking and Traffic Accidents.

2. MP’s procedures and duties during VIP`s protection operations. Planning operations, risk analyses, escorting, VIP`s position in car and in protective pattern, driving techniques.

3. MP’s procedures and duties during investigation of the crime scene. Types of evidences, 7 steps of crime scene investigation, collecting evidences, packing evidences, searching crime scene patterns, measuring and marking evidence’s positions on the sketch.

Each training day was divided into two parts, theoretical lecture and practical exercises. Classes were conducted by experienced IMP members – NCO from Austria, Poland and Slovakia.

In the opinion of the participants, the exercises were very interesting, instructive and fruitful for them. Supported them in their progression towards NATO standards and strengthened their ability to perform tasks during the mission in Afghanistan. Also allowed them to exchange experiences with colleagues form IMP. Special interest was given by participants to classes on forensic techniques and the investigation of traffic accident sites.


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