Ethno Village, Motel and Zoo Park to be built near Tuzla?

July 15, 2017 7:00 AM

Picnic site Ilincica near Tuzla could shine in its full glory due to its full reconstruction that is planned soon.  The construction of ethnic village, motel, sports fields and recreational facilities, as well as the facility with elements of the zoo park and a reservation for indigenous animals, is planned with the project.

“The draft plan foresees the protection of the complex from forest devastation, which means the protection of the existing forestry fund, as well as the planting of new trees, which would represent prevention from landslides in this area,” said Mayor of Tuzla, Jasmin Imamovic.

The construction of new and reconstruction of existing communal facilities are planned with the draft zoning plan, as well as the extension of the road network and street lighting, open and closed types of sports fields, ethnic village, facility with zoo elements, motels, and several catering facilities. ”

All of this is in function of economically sustainable development because Tuzla is becoming more and more visited tourist center every year. Our main aim is to improve the tourist offer and the quality of life of our citizens, who will have the opportunity to walk or drive to a forest scene that will have its advantages to offer during the whole year,” stated Mayor Imamovic.

There are currently three potential investors who are interested in the construction of the ethnic village with catering facilities and hotel accommodation.

“I expect this park to be in the rank of the complex Slana Banja, and it is also important to mention here the vicinity of the International Airport Tuzla. We were discussing for years what to do with Ilincica, and the time has finally come,” said Imamovic.

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