Essay Writing Tips for Bosnia and Herzegovina ESL Students

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Every writing starts with a structure. It is common for an essay or any other story in the written form. To present the information correctly and to perform arguments to the reader, you have to develop a good framework. An essay requires preparatory work, in-depth research, and pre-planned actions. You can write a paper without preparation, and you may even succeed. But it is more likely to be an accident rather than a regularity. 

If you want to achieve an impressive result, you need help writing an essay from relatively cheap essay services, like CheapWritingHelp. It is especially important for ESL students. Without a great and well-thought planning stage, your paper may have little value for the reader. Writing an essay is about structuring the information, choosing relevant arguments, and gathering everything in a solid and well-designed text. It is even more complex for ESL students because they are not working with their native language. They should operate foreign words and grammatical constructions. Using a second language, you can face difficulties not only with words and their equivalents, but syntax, lexical units, specific grammar features, and the way of thinking. 

It is a complex task requiring high proficiency in the language of the paper. We have created a complete guide to help Bosnia and Herzegovina ESL students with essay writing. In the guide, you will find tips to make the whole process easier. We understand how difficult it may seem at first. But with our help, you will manage the writing and impress the professor with your knowledge. 

Top Essay Writing Tips for ESL Students 

  1. Organize the writing on the central issue. First of all, you need to specify the main issue or challenge to be discussed in the essay. It has to be the major subject to reveal to the reader. The central issue is the basis of the whole text. It should direct you and help find arguments, examples, and other additional information important for the content. Create the central question in the form of a sentence. Work on it. You can spend more time trying to choose the best words and word combinations to compose a sentence. It should render the main sense of the essay. You can take as many words as you wish. The central sentence can be short and consist of several words. Or it may be a complex utterance with several fragments. You can incorporate this central question into the text or leave it on your draft paper. One way or another, writing an essay without a central question would be a complete mistake. 
  2. Stick to the traditional structure. Students have different opinions about life and comprehend the situations differently. The same is with the style of writing. Every student has its style with peculiar characteristics of language and structure. But being an ESL student, it is Safire if you stick to the traditional rules of writing. Even if you are good at writing, you should first choose traditional formatting styles not to violate any writing norms. If you resort to the stream of consciousness and demonstrate your creativity, it cannot ensure high grades. Therefore, you should try a traditional 5-paragraph structure. It is a common practice when you separate the text into 5 sections. The first one is the introduction with a thesis and purpose of writing. The second part consists of 2-3 paragraphs with main information, arguments, and examples. And the third part is the conclusion. All together you have 5 paragraphs with the material structured orderly. To be true, it is not a rule of thumb. You can deviate from the structure a bit, but the general idea has to remain the same. 
  3. Use a plan. Without a plan for every paragraph, you risk losing the point. If you stick to the 5-paragraph essay, you need to develop a plan for every section. A separate paragraph is a small text with its introductory part, the culmination, and conclusion that ensures a transition to the next section. This is not necessary to use regularly. But if you are an ESL student working on the first essays, you cannot ignore the importance of planning. It won’t take much time. You can plan on a piece of paper, in your notebook, or using an app. There’s no such necessity to provide a complete step-by-step outline. You can confine to simple points for every paragraph. 
  4. Research a lot. In the beginning, we were talking a lot about the preparatory stage. And research is the key element of the preparation for the writing. You may lack imagination and have no ideas for the content. Good research will help you find inspiration for the text. You can look for the ideas in the books or manuals. You can also reread your notes from the lectures and seminars. Another great option is to research online sources. There you will see a wide range of links with relevant subject-treated information.

These are helpful tips that can make your writing easier. As an ESL student, you know how problematic it is to write in a second language. But with these tips, your essay will look more professional and native-like. Try them and you will see the difference. Your paper will be structured correctly without any random deviations from the topic. 

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