Esma refreshed the Market of BiH with her great new Product

Esma Zuna Zjajo graduated and obtained her diploma in Food Technology Engineering in Jajce. Last year, she started with the production of pasta with herbs and dried mushrooms by using traditional recipes.

“I have decided for pasta with some different additions. Thus, I created the pasta “Naturgeist” (“Spirit of the Nature”) that is made as classical with eggs, and with nettle and mushrooms. Pasta with mushrooms is made from a mix of forest and meadow mushrooms,” said Zjajo.

She stated that she is also a certified mushroom picker and that there is no place for fear when it comes to pasta made with mushrooms that she collects and dries.

Moreover, she is planning to start with the production of pasta with nuts.

This young entrepreneur from Jajce noted that there are no additives or artificial colours in her pasta.

When it comes to sales and distribution, she is experiencing some difficulties in that process, although Naturgeist pasta can already be found in several shops in Jajce, Travnik and Mostar. She is also in the process of negotiations with some shops in Sarajevo, and her pasta can be ordered online at Farmer.ba.

She also has great support from her family that is helping her in the production process, and they showed great understanding when she decided to leave her job in Mlinopek and start her own business.

She also received support from the Municipality of Jajce, which allocates funds for the best business plan for people younger than 35 every year. Last year, she received funds from the municipality and she invested them in the production program.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)

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