Enis Kahrimanović Created an Online Sytem for Learning Bosnian Language

Enis-KahrimanovicYoung people from B&H are facing a problem of insufficient understanding of the Bosnian language so we wish to facilitate everyone in diaspora the process of learning and achieving more knowledge about their native language and culture.

Enis Kahrimanović, working and living in Netherlands, is the creator of the first online system of learning Bosnian entitled “Learn Bosnian”. He emphasizes that through associations that gather, he saw a need for a quality perfection of the knowledge about Bosnian language.

“An idea occurred to me to create, along with the Interaction Without Borders (IWB), an interactive online system of learning Bosnian language and renewing the knowledge about it. This system is not only based on the reading method but includes a large amount of interactive content to motivate users to learn much more as well.” – said Kahrimanović.

Besides the language itself, one of the main objectives is for the young aged 15 to 35 around the world to get to know better the Bosnian culture. The need for this kind of active work on this field was also expressed by the Ministry of human rights and refugees of B&H in the document “Overview of the B&H diaspora”.

“Language is the keeper of history and its connection with the culture where it is being used is imminent. One of the key recommendations is to support the organizing of additional classes on native language in the European language. We have released the “Learn Bosnian” system in public on Friday, June 27th 2014. This first edition consists of lessons in the field of phonetics, phonology and spelling. In the period to come we will enlarge the system with lessons from morphology and lexicology and later on from syntax as well.” – explains Kahrimanović and adds that 8 people from B&H and from abroad participated in the making and developing of this online system.

Enis Kahrimanović pointed out that he will make contact with the B&H institutions which desire to support this project as well as with some associations in the B&H diaspora.

“We invite all associations and sponsors to join us so we can, together with the users, male possible a better and not so expensive way to learn and renew the knowledge of the Bosnian language.” – he said.

All those who wish to try this system online for free can do it at and at the FB site

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