”Energoinvest” working on projects worth 70 million BAM

December 5, 2012 2:26 PM

The managing director of ” Energoinvest”, Enes Čengić said that this company has began working on projects worth 70 million BAM during this month.

”Thanks to our commitment to work in North Iraq, specifically in the Erbil region, and with the previous signed contracts, we received an extension of 3, 5 million € for the work on another substation. That speaks about how much the Iraqi investors believe in our company”- said Ćengić.

The company ”Energoinvest” also got another big project in South Albania. This project is worth 32 million € and the company will perform work on a 110 KW transmission line. The negotiations with the official investor, a German bank KfW that will invest the project in Albania are scheduled for the next week.

” So in the last month, we have secured projects worth 36 million €, which is an amount higher than 70 million BAM” – explained Čengić. The director also emphasized the fact that the foreign investors have faith in them as a company, but the thing that worries him is that ”Energoinvest” does not seem to have the opportunity to secure projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He also wants to call upon all state officials to reconsider the position of ” Energoinvest” as a Bosnian company.


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