Employers from Slovenia very satisfied with Workers from BiH

A delegation of the Agency for Labor and Employment of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), headed by the Agency’s Director, Muamer Bandic, is staying in the Republic of Slovenia this week in order to have a direct insight into the working conditions of our citizens in Slovenia.

It is recalled that, from the beginning of the realization of Employment Agreement, since March 2013, until the end of October 2017, 18.118 work permits were issued in Republic of Slovenia, of which 8.132  were issued this year. That is why there is a need for continuous monitoring of the working conditions of our citizens in Slovenia.

During this week, the Delegation of the BiH Agency for Labor and Employment conducted talks with employers who are employing our workers. Particular emphasis was placed on checking the conditions under which workers work, whether they have all rights from work relation, and whether they are in the same position as the domestic labor force. The visit was used to speak with our employees who informed us of their status. Also, a conversation with the representatives of the Slovenian union was held, in order to obtain a complete image of the work conditions of our workers in the Republic of Slovenia.

During the visit, it was concluded that the agreement between the two countries was respected by employers and workers, and it was assessed that the purpose of this agreement was achieved. Employers in Slovenia are extremely pleased with BH employees, their knowledge, and skills, and point out that the need for BH workforce is still great, and they estimate that it will continue to be in the coming years. On the other hand, BH workers are satisfied with their working-legal status and the ability to work in Slovenia in the absence of job offers in the domestic labor market.



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