Emirates Airlines joining the Flydubai on the Sarajevo-Dubai Route

August 23, 2017 3:15 PM

One of the largest airlines in the world, Emirates Airlines, is cooperation with the airline Flydubai so they’ll share the latter’s flights from Dubai to Sarajevo, Belgrade and Skopje.

Emirates Airlines have provided their flight codes for Flydubai flights towards Belgrade. The codes for Sarajevo and Skopje will be known soon.

This type of cooperation between airlines is known as “code sharing” but in this case, the two airlines will integrate their network in order to coordinate the times of flights. These airlines already have internal agreements regarding flights to and from Sarajevo, Belgrade and Skopje which allows travelers to change flights without checking in again. However, those agreements don’t cover coordinated flight time.

Emirates Airlines and Flydubai already have joint flights towards 216 cities, while it is expected that they will cover 240 destinations with 380 airplanes in this way by 2022.

Emirates Airlines introduced the flight towards a former Yugoslav republic, between Dubai and Zagreb, this summer and only after Flydubai canceled its flight towards Zagreb in December last year.

Flydubai announced that travelers can expect a better air-connectedness with the cities of the former Yugoslavia from the winter. According to the first information, Flydubai will introduce new flights towards Skopje on November 4th and increase the number of flights to three pwe week. Afterwards, on November 25th, the number of flights between Dubai and Belgrade will increase from four to seven per week. At the end, there will be four flights between Dubai and Sarajevo, as there was last winter.

(Source: Klix.ba)



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